Electrical Equipment and Switchgear

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Electrical Equipment and Switchgear

Electrical safety is the main priority around machinery and live electrical cables where there is a risk of electrical shock. Using a simple precaution such as an electrical safety label can significantly decrease the chance of an electrical injury in the workplace or public space.

Prevent electrical accidents using Electrical Safety labels. Not only do they help you comply with health and safety laws, but they also provide a constant reminder of the dangers of electricity. Unmarked machinery and equipment can result in serious injury, even death. Protect the public and your workforce by marking all hazards clearly with electrical warning labels and stickers.

Bespoke Electrical Equipment labels.

Printed on durable non-rip material, our electrical warning labels are suitable for both internal and external use. All our electrical safety warning labels are produced in house and can be personalised to your needs. We can produce bespoke labels in any shape, style and colour.

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