Security & Tamper Evident Labels


Security & Tamper Evident Labels

Security labels are used to clearly mark items or to provide evidence of tampering.

Security labels provide a theft deterrent by providing identification of certain valuable items. They can also be used to prevent tampering by providing proof that an item has been interfered with. This can then be used as evidence in the case of theft or voided warranty etc.

Our security labels are designed to perform under a variety of conditions and extremes of temperature.

Permanent labels can be used to permanently mark items by creating a very strong bond with the surface of the item in question. These are ideal for high-value items such as electrical goods and computers.

Bespoke Security labels.

Tamper evident labels are used in situations where you may need to have proof that a particular item has been opened or tampered with in some way. These are useful for equipment that is calibrated or where a warranty may be void in case of removal.

For increased security, labels can contain a hologram to prevent copying or replacement with another label. When these labels are used they are not only tamper evident and difficult to move but can’t be easily replaced either.

Void Labels

These labels are perfect to prevent tampering with products or equipment and are made from various durable materials. The word “VOID” appears on the product and on the label if an attempt is made to remove it. If required these labels can be laminated to provide more resistance to extreme conditions or constant cleaning etc.

Tamper Resistant Labels

Ideal for warranty protection or calibration, these security labels are manufactured from thin material with a strong adhesive. When an attempt is made to remove one of these labels, it will break into smaller pieces.

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