Multi Sort Digital Label Printing


Traditionally, printing has used costly printing plates as part of the process. This is not only an expensive and inefficient way of printing, but also very wasteful of resources and time. Multi-sort digital label printing solves this problem.

Multi sort labels are printed on the same print run, but incorporating multiple design variations. These might be branding, colour, language or any number of other variations. The outcome for the client is that stock of labels can be reduced and products can be delivered in small volumes into niche markets.

We are constantly finding new clients with new uses for multi sort digital labels and being told that this technology is changing the way they think about their products and branding.

An example of this is a small brewery client who had been put off the idea of bottling his beer because of the cost of labelling. By looking into his requirements we were able to come up with a label that allows him to have a number of small quantities of various designs without the need to originate plates for each one. This means that he can produce a label for a small run of one particular brew.

Labels are printed directly from clients art work on pdf or another file format, without any charges for plates and origination.

We are also able to produce short runs for prototyping and market research, something that in the past may have been prohibitively expensive for many smaller businesses.

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